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EDU - Equity & Culture Matters Workshop

Acutely aware of the statistical gaps in achievement between different racial groups, educators realize that eliminating this disparity is critical to developing cultural proficiency. Candid conversations about race help educational leaders understand why performance inequity persists and how to guide policy analysis and instructional reform that promote true academic parity.
What you’ll learn
This workshop led by 2020 Vision Group professionals can and will help educators construct a language and a process for addressing the relationship between race and achievement. With creative, open dialogue, leaders can restructure their schools and fulfill every student’s potential regardless of race, culture, or class.
Who this course is for:
● Administration
● Teachers
● Edu Mentors
● Tutor Facilitators

Corporate Culture Workshop

What you’ll learn
● Analyze and manage corporate culture to enhance organizational effectiveness
● Apply cultural analysis in merger and acquisition planning — to avoid ‘culture clash’
● Build a high-performance culture by cultivating key organizational traits
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
● The course discusses management-level topics, designed for business and HR leaders. Students should understand basic management principles
● Students should have the desire to effect productive organizational change in their companies!
Who this course is for:
● Business and HR leaders who are tasked with improving their cultures for competitive advantage
● CEOs and other senior officers who oversee culture management and improvement issues
● Entrepreneurs seeking to build their companies based on sound cultural ideals

Sales Mastery Training

What you’ll learn
● Students will learn the PROVEN Sales Machine Methodology to build business relationships and generate sales
● How to sell anything using your own authentic personality without sounding “salesy”
● How to INSTANTLY build rapport with anyone by mastering body language and tonality
● How to become a stronger listener to uncover a customers’ pain before delivering your solution
● How to handle objections: for example when potential customers say “no” or “we don’t have the budget”
● The MOST EFFECTIVE way to pitch your product or service to potential customers
● How to close deals effectively and grow a business relationship for the long term
● How to apply sales techniques to enrich the quality of your relationships with people and everyday life
● How to handle the most difficult part of sales…REJECTION
● How to successfully negotiate business deals
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
● You must have an open mind to learn and apply new skills
Who this course is for:
⮚ Sales professionals looking to sharpen their sales skillset
⮚ People who are considering sales as a career and want to learn more about the profession
⮚ Entrepreneurs, consultants, and freelancers who want to increase sales and grow their business
⮚ People who want to be more influential, persuasive, and convincing to others

Management & Leadership Training

What you’ll learn
● Become a Master in Leadership
● Be a better boss, and run a highly effective team
● Delegate effectively to empower their team
● Have a healthy work life balance, with a happy environment
● Understand academic theories surrounding leadership styles and techniques
● Build a vast array of practical tools to be a fantastic leader
● Know the difference between delegating styles and which one is appropriate for each situation
● Feel confident enough to involve employees in decision making and planning
● Spend more time developing plans and ideas for the future
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
● No prior knowledge of the subject is required
● Examples of leadership experiences would be helpful to draw on
● Some of the materials you may wish to print
Who this course is for:
● Anyone who manages at least two people
● Company founders or leaders
● Those aiming for leadership roles in the future


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